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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Harve Alan Media: Save The 18-24's!

Originally published February 2008.  This is what I had to say about radio's future and the 18-24 demo. Gut check time.  How'd we do?

Harve Alan Media: Save The 18-24's

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Flash...A New Format! Launching 2016

Tap into a huge underserved audience with THE FLASH.  There's nothing like it on the radio today. Contemporary in presentation with the rare magic of fully rested music ready to appeal to a wide cross-section of adult listeners.  All Top 40 hits.  Even the spice!  This format is gold-based but designed for 2016 and beyond.  Your 70's and 80's research will not expose the potential of this music.  That's the honest truth.  Trust your ears.  If you've been looking for something fresh with a healthy shelf life check out THE FLASH.  The Flash ROUGH CUT Demo
It's called Rough Cut because it's simply my musical vision for this format.  No fancy production to distract you...just the music and how it might flow on your station.  I hope you will share my excitement about this format.  While everyone continues to Zig (70's and 80's) share my vision and Zag to THE FLASH!
Please give me a call for more details.  860-997-0314

Monday, September 6, 2010

What In The WIde World of Harve is Going On Here?

Over the last few days I have heard from people, more than I ever would have imagined, asking why I haven't updated the blog recently.  Really?  Really?  Well, thank you!  It means a lot to me. I enjoy sharing knowledge, learning, and interacting with people from across the world. 

While the blog has been on hiatus, I haven't been.  As many of you know, this past January I moved to the Los Angeles area and continued to work with a wonderful group of client stations and I still am.  I am most appreciative of that.  A few months ago the opportunity to join Westwood One/Metro Traffic presented itself here in LA and I decided to accept the position.  So now, I am the Regional Director of Operations for Los Angeles--which includes overseeing San Diego, Portland, and Salt Lake City. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.  I am working with a great group of people and truly enjoy going to the office every day. 

It's been a very busy time for me and I anticipate it will remain that way for a long time to come...and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

So, that's the update.  If you were wondering how to reach me...not much has changed.  My cell phone number remains 860.997.0314; my email address is still harve@harvealan.com.  Please stay in touch and watch this space for periodic updates. 

Thank you! 


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