Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Content vs.The Ratings

What was designed to be a presentation about what's important in digital, marketing, and advertising turns out to have value in related areas. Connect the dots between these three slides.

I make this challenge to myself everyday and to you: How can we effectively play the ratings game (both diary and PPM) and still adequately respond to the changing consumer realities (and desires) of today?

In some cases the ratings game requires us to consider 7 second talk breaks, long sets of (increasingly more commoditized) music with little other content, and fewer commercial breaks with more commercials piled together. These tactics (sometimes) work when the only goal is to get ratings. (Hey, I love getting high ratings too!) Now, go back and take another look at the slides and ask yourself how they mesh with generating word of mouth and causing reflective experiences?

Here's the full slide presentation: