Sunday, April 26, 2009

People Will Be Talking About This

Already responsible for over 100 deaths in Mexico, more than 75 people sick in New York, more in San Diego and Texas--the potential for the Swine Flu to turn into something very serious, maybe even a pandemic, seems to be possible.

Don't forget to put your broadcasts where your bluster is--keep your local listeners informed. I'm not suggesting hysteria, but something more than a passing mention in a throwaway newscast. Maybe it turns out to be a false alarm--let's hope; but it could be something more. Outbreaks such as this seem so foreign to us here in the USA, thus making us slow to react. The US Government is taking no chances--they have readied 25% of the flu medicine reserves if needed.

Here are a few quick links that will get you to the latest information:
Listeners in your market can easily go to these websites and other national services to get the same information. Local radio has a long history of serving listeners well at times of emergency and I suspect will do so again and provide important information for a specific local area.