Friday, March 26, 2010

Engaged For 45 Years

Dick Purtan did his last show on Detroit radio today.

Do you think he's a celebrity in Detroit?  
According the the Detroit News, "On the way to WOMC this morning, Purtan was pulled over by the Ferndale police. He wasn't speeding. "The officer said, 'You didn't think we would let you go in without an escort today, did you?'" Purtan said. So with police lights flashing, he made his entrance into the CBS Radio Detroit station on Woodward Heights". 
A real life celebrity!  He means something important to that community.  Purtan was engaging listeners long before "listener engagement" were industry buzz words.  Sometimes, what's old is new all over again. 

Do you think 45 years from now there will be a local radio celebrity that gets the sendoff Purtan got today?  I have my doubts...but I hope so.

Here's some video from Dick Purtan's show.