Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something Special In The Air

Here's another reminder of what's around the corner.
No, that's not a new player on your laptop computer screen but the command center from the new media center upcoming from Mercedes Benz. Still at least a few more years away but that time will go very quick.

While the announcement of these systems is nothing new--in addition to MB, Chrysler and BMW have already released systems--what is noteworthy is how fast the technology is advancing.

Engadget had this article of the MB system:
Mercedes-Benz has already toyed around a bit with some internet-connected in-car systems, but it looks to really be going all out with its new myCOMMAND system, which it's now showing off at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Among other things, it would constantly pull various traffic information off the internet and take it into account for route selection, as well as give you access to internet radio stations, let you make VoIP phone calls, and even give you a browser that'll let you " surf the internet in the accustomed way." Mercedes is also promising that the entire system will be completely intuitive, with most of the primary functions controlled with a single rotary pushbutton, and two secondary buttons provided for things like menu operation. Of course, it's all still very much a demo at this point, and Mercedes itself says it'll be least a "few more years" before it actually winds up in a production vehicle.
Interesting that there is no mention of AM and FM radio. While I don't think it won't be included, it's a sign of the times that it is not viewed as MOST important. HD Radio...ahhhhh

So back to the title of this post. SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE AIR. We better do it. And now.

What Does Your "Future Life" Look Like?

Today's blog will be the easiest and toughest read you have all day. I invite you to open your mind to a virtual world that will make the current day look like child's play. Literally. Play-Learn-Share-Experience.

It will all be a lot clearer after looking at the following slide and then spending a little time clicking through an excellent presentation given to the Digital Technology Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand.

The slide (you can click to enlarge) illustrates the generational differences back to 1922:
And here's the slideshow that takes us to a world that is as different as what living on Mars might be like. Hmmm, that different? Well, you decide.
Since this is a blog that is mostly about radio I ask, if this thesis is accurate, will radio compete in its future life?