Friday, June 20, 2008

Topic A?

It's not oil prices.
It's not the presidential election
It's not the Midwest floods


From TV Newser:

Friday Jun 20, 2008

Pregnancy Pact: The Friday Focus Group


If the cable news channels want to know what stories test well, they need look no further than the mediabistro lunch table. The talk among the 20-something, mostly female group today was not flooding, or congressional testimony or the presidential race. On this Friday, it was the Mass pregnancy pact. As lunch wound down, the group stopped by the world HQ of TVNewser (two desks and three monitors) and watched with interest as FNC and MSNBC simultaneously reported the news (CNN aired a segment about 10 minutes later.) It's one of those stories that generates discussion, even debate as it did today at And on a day like today, it's a story that fuels the cable news networks too.

In my opinion this is not just a talk radio and cable news topic. Any content driven personality could have taken this story (unbelievable really) and had a segment or two worth of compelling content. As TVNEWER pointed out it was top of mind with 20somethings at the lunch table.

What are your listeners talking about?

In case you missed it read the full story here.