Monday, April 7, 2008

The Internet...10,000 Times Faster

It may not be as far away as it sounds.

The TimesOnLine in the UK originally had this story picked up by engadget.

Apparently, when CERN isn't colliding particles (and ripping massive holes in the space-time continuum), it's busy working on a new "internet" which will be 10,000 times faster than our current version. The project -- known as "the grid" -- is built atop completely fiber optic networks, and utilizes modern routing centers. By keeping traffic out of our current phone and data systems, the researchers have been able to achieve speeds heretofore unseen on previous networks. The system connects from CERN to 11 centers around the globe, and will be switched on when the Large Hadron Collider is activated, on what the group is calling "Red Button Day." Project heads believe a network with this speed will lead to all sorts of futuristic innovations -- like true cloud computing, holographic video conferencing, and really, really fast pirating of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series.
Shortly after reading this story I saw one of those TV commercials for that dial-up service, Net Zero, the one that takes you to the same internet as those higher priced services...which was kinda funny.

We have only begun to experience how the hyper-fast virtual world is going to change our lives. Think Star Trek and their transporters mixed with the Matrix. I'm ready.