Friday, April 11, 2008

Bon Jovi Gets New Media

Let's start at the website. Fans are invited to created videos centered around their towns and then submit them so they can be included in the concert when the band comes to town. They're working with You Tube to showcase these videos plus some video from their shows. There also a Bon Jovi news section that includes the latest information and fan comments. How cool is it for a fan to be in Bon Jovi's on-line community?
Then when the band comes to town it all comes to life in the show on stage and on the massive Hi-Def screens that surround the stage.

Jon Bon Jovi has figured out how to stay relevant after all these years. My first exposure to Bon Jovi was in the early 80's when the band was featured on the WAPP-New York homegrown album. The song? Runaway.

CNBC did a great story on Jon Bon Jovi and the mega-millions high tech concerts he's putting on. He talks about how his four kids keep him clued in that what's current. Couple that with the fact the he is a tech-head himself and it's not surprising he now features live text messaging at his shows. Those messages could be messages to the band to what songs should be played in the encore. Smart.

Check out the CNBC video right here.