Thursday, April 17, 2008

Be Smaller Than Your Comeptition


A few days ago at the eMarketing Association's Executive eMarketing Conference in San Francisco Frog Design presented "The Shrinking Brand-Marketing in a Small World," explaining how to make effective use of micro-formats which they suggest should be central to your marketing plan.

Micro formats?
  • blogs
  • micro blogs
  • customer service
  • community events
  • slideshows
  • social networks
  • word of mouth
  • on-line video
  • podcasts
What's striking about this list of recommended micro format strategies is just how perfectly suited radio is to do ALL of them. In fact, one could say that radio has been in the forefront of customer service (i.e. request lines-unless of course you've stopped answering them), community events (unless of course you've stopped doing them), and word of mouth (unless of course you've stopped doing things worthy of creating word of mouth).

The rest of the list are all things that radio has begun to focus on and in many places are doing them very well.

There's a lot more to this presentation and you can digest all of it right here: