Sunday, February 1, 2009

Commercials Suck...

Unless they are as anticipated as the content on the Super Bowl.

The spots are so popular they are featured on the NBC website--Right next to "Matt Lauer interviews the President"

And on Hulu, NBC and News Corps co-owned TV and Movie content site, the same thing. Not to mention many other sites I found embedding the spots and allowing viewers to vote for their favorites.
Interactive, on-demand, and front and center. Hmmmm.

Wonder what might happen if there was an injection of "creative" in radio spot creative--good writing, multiple voices, real sound effects, and no zaps and explosions. Afterall, commercials take up, in most cases, at least 20% of every hour.

Are there ANY spots on your station you would place on your website with a big sign saying, "listen to me?"