Friday, December 14, 2007

My Buddy Phil

Had lunch with fellow radio guy Phil Wilson yesterday. He encapsulated our lunch here. It's the first lunch I ever went to that got summarized in writing. Phil was kind enough not to include the part about me hanging my heavy winter coat on the back of my chair which caused it to tip over. Of course, I didn't notice this and ended up on the floor trying to sit on a chair that was down there with me. It was "a moment" for sure.

The Generation Gap

I started to write a post that was going to talk about the technology generation gap and its impact on the radio business. Once I started writing I thought it might be a good idea to try to find some statistics on the subject. Of course there was no shortage of information! Then, as I was searching and reading I came across a terrific article written way back in 2004 by a PhD named Larry D. Rosen (not the same Larry Rosen many of us know from Edison Media Research). This Larry Rosen has a site called and wrote an article Understanding the Technological Generation Gap that quite simply does an outstanding job of explaining what is going on.

It is interesting that way back in 2004 IM was all the rage and text messaging wasn't even mentioned. If just shows how fast things move in today's nanosecond world. This article suggests many things, but I can tell you this, we (yes, all of us) better find some unique ways of entertaining listeners because if we don't someone else will.