Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quietly Becoming Ubiquitous

Internet radio already readily available to anyone with a computer and internet connection, more and more on mobile devices, and the battle for the dashboard is just beginning to include internet audio.

In the mix of all this is a growing selection of tabletop internet enabled wifi/ethernet radios. I'm not sure how big the market is for these clock/radios but the number of models seems to be growing. Just released, is a unit from Acoustic Research. Engadget just did a post detailing the radio that you can read here.

It's one of the most "normal" looking internet radios I have seen. You know what I mean...some of the earlier models kinda looked like a science project with fancy knobs. This one blends right in.

No HD Radio here. Why would they. Why are we? I predict it will happen on its own, but now is the time to abandon HD Radio. So much time and MONEY...lots of money has been wasted on what might best be called a transitional product that now after all this time might be politely called stillborn.

I welcome someone to challenge my belief. If someone can provide me with a HD Radio unit sales figure I will happily publish it.