Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Howard...

Robin Quivers is famous for saying the words-Oh Howard-when Howard Stern would veer off into questionable territory. This morning I'm saying "Oh Howard" for a different reason--I got to listen to some of his History of Howard show yesterday and today and it was superb--well produced, interesting, historical, topical, and at times side-splitting funny. I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. I sat in the car unable to leave because I needed to hear how a bit would end. When was the last time that happened? Exactly!

Look, Howard isn't for everyone, but, love him or hate him he must be recognized for his long-time accomplishment of consistently entertaining his listeners show after show, year after year. As we approach 2008 his style and content has held up very well and has been emulated by scores of others.

When will the next renegade talent break through and captivate us to stare at the radio (or computer or smart phone)like it was a movie screen? And what will that person sound like? Maybe the larger question is will this talent be allowed to develop content that may not be in the center lane? Will they be given the lifeline for two or more years to "find their audience?" I ask these questions because I suspect it won't be easy.

With approximately 93% of all Americans still using the radio every week, we like no other entertainment vehicle, have the means to create stars. Are you doing something really unique and different? I would like to showcase your best work right here in this space. Email me with your story and some mp3 audio and I will pick (subjectively of course) some of the best entries and share them on this blog.

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Jenny Gold said...

Nice sentiment about Howard Stern, but more importantly, challenging creativity that is in danger of being repressed in our society. Hoping you got a lot of submissions from people doing groundbreaking things.

Jenny Gold
Girl on Stern