Saturday, December 1, 2007


Thanks for stopping by. For those who are meeting me for the first time...a little bit about me.

For more than 29 years I have been a passionate participant in the broadcast industry. From the early days of being on-the-air to promotions, production, programming, producer, coach, research, brand development, management, and senior executive management.

  • Vice President of Programming--NextMedia Group, Minneapolis, MN
  • Executive Vice President--Mercury Radio Research/hear2.0, Minneapolis, MN
  • Executive Producer--Christmas Around the World ABC Radio Networks/The Walt Disney Company, Orlando Florida
  • Director of Programming--ABC Radio Networks, New York, NY
  • Senior Vice President of Programming--Clear Channel Communications/AMFM Inc/Capstar Broadcasting, Mid Atlantic and North East Regions
  • Program Director--WZGC-FM, Atlanta, GA
  • Media Consultant--DeMers Programming, Philadelphia, PA
  • Station Manager--KHEY FM & AM, KPRR-FM El Paso, TX
  • Operations Manager/Program Director--WONE-FM and WAKR-AM, Akron, OH
  • Program Director--WAAF-FM, Boston, MA
  • Program Director--WCCC-FM, Hartford, CT
  • Very early career--WBAB-FM, WGBB-AM, WPOB-FM, Long Island, NY

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