Friday, January 25, 2008

Dave Ramsey-Radio Star

» Ramsey Draws A Crowd: Nationally syndicated talker Dave Ramsey drew more than 9,000 paid attendees to his first "Total Money Makeover" event of 2008, held last night (1/24) in very chilly Grand Rapids, MI in conjunction with Dave Ramsey Show affiliates WTKG and WOOD. Ramsey, who seems to be popping up just about everywhere on TV this past month, will host a slew of live events this spring, with stops scheduled for Dallas, Kansas City, Portland (OR), Louisville, Birmingham and San Antonio. He'll also be a featured speaker at the upcoming Al Peterson's Talk Media Conference, Feb. 20-22, in Phoenix.

Let me repeat...9000 PAID attendees in Grand Rapids, MI. That's huge! Now I know Dave Ramsey has written popular books and gotten lots of TV exposure including his own show on the fledgling Fox Business Network. But let's not forget all of that happened as a byproduct of the radio show.

A lot of what gets discussed on this blog and numerous others tend to highlight the ills of our industry and what we need to do better. I thought as the week comes to a close it would be nice to highlight a guy who is successfully doing what we all talk about-creating great and compelling content.

Let me also take this opportunity to recommend Al Peterson's Talk Media Conference, Feb. 20-22, in Phoenix. The lineup is excellent and I am looking forward to attending. If you are going to be there let's be sure to get together.

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