Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Radio's Cry For Help

That's the way CNBC put it this afternoon in a report on Clear Channel, Cumulus, listening levels, and advertising. Of course, the lead was whether the CCU privatization deal would eventually close and Mr. Hogan's now infamous Q1 budget cut memo--which they outlined in great detail.

They note how the consumption of radio remains "surprisingly strong" and throws off a ton of cash; but is suffering from double digit declines in national advertising due to increased competition from a variety of competitors. None of this is a surprise to any of us in the business, but it seems so much more bleak when it's broadcast in living color.

Here's the CNBC Video.

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victor said...

I really enjoy your blog I found it on a link from another blog. I was reading I would love to ask you some questions on what media companies have there finger on the pulse. I worked in radio 15 years and you seen what has happened to the bussiness im seeking direction.