Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let's Go To The Movies

IMMI reports young moviegoers are heavier radio users than non moviegoers-virtually double. That sounds pretty encouraging until you read the chart-it illustrates that the average 13-24 year old moviegoer listens to the radio a paltry 49 minutes per week. With the non-moviegoer only spending 25 minutes listening per week.

Only 7% of frequent moviegoers don't listen to the radio; while nearly 65% of frequent moviegoers are heavy or medium users. Of the non moviegoers, nearly 50% of that group are either light radio listeners or don't listen at all.

IMMI, Integrated Media Measurement Inc based this report on its panel of 13-24 year olds in IMMI’s Research Panel across six major DMA’s.

IMMI itself suggests at the end of their piece:

"Advertisers looking for the avid moviegoers can reach most of them through radio."

Let's turn that around a little stations looking to increase its listenership can reach strong prospects at the movies. While usage is light by traditional radio measures, it does represent an opportunity to market to notoriously difficult people to reach.

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