Friday, February 8, 2008

Shocker: Wall Street Doesn't Like Radio!

Wanna feel sick?

The always outspoken Jim Cramer comments on the radio business on The Street.Com.

It's not pretty but definitely worth watching.

Click here to watch the Jim Cramer Video

I hope he's wrong!


Anonymous said...

Jim Cramer is bummed out because he failed on Radio, but he is right that the industry will have no place on Wall Street until it starts growing again in REV. and Cash Flow. That will not come until we start investing in the product again locally and Nationally and programming compelling local content.

HARVE ALAN said...

Note what Cramer said, "radio as we know it." And that is correct because the current "music machine" model is eventually going to fade away. Top line growth WILL be the engine for Wall Street to fall in love again. And I couldn't agree with you more regarding the need to invest in the on-air content because that will make the listeners fall in love with radio again.