Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where The Twitter Watch Never Stops

Do you Twitter? People are Twittering right now--down the street and around the world and you can watch it all take place in real time.

Take a journey with me to Twittervison 3D. Watch the globe spin to locations around the world and see what people have to say and what they look like (if they posted their photos).

Maybe you're in Las Vegas...see what your neighbors are Twittering with a street level map.

A few things came to mind as I was looking at this on my computer screen.

Wow, now everyone can be "big brother."

Don't write anything you wouldn't want someone/anyone to see.

And to bring it into the radio world...if we can get real-time Twitter reports down to your neighborhood; why can't we get accurate radio ratings? Maybe the future of radio ratings is just a widget away?

1 comment:

Phil Wilson said...


No sh*@! You are are on the money with the ratings widget. Makes you wonder why Arbitron is not working on merging mobile with PPM. If they are, they should let the world know. Ipsos/Media Audit proposed it from the outset. Of course you don't hear much about that right now either.

Also, No sh*@! to the need to watch what you Twitter. Trust me, I know! Busted by the tweet!