Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gen Y's Are Changing Everything

Those born between the years of 1986–2000 (some demographers offer slightly different years) are changing they should.

Millennials see life differently than Gen X, Jones, and Boomers because their experiences have been different in large part due to technology. Or maybe better put, what technology has enabled them to do.

There was an excellent story on The Fox Report with anchor Sheppard Smith Friday evening about the dramatic increase in Gen Y's interest in this election cycle. Consider that these teens/early 20's are coming of age at a time when all they have known is their country at war and their first political memory was the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

There was much more to this report than politics. Some of the key points:
  • They crave authenticity
  • BS detector high for in-authenticity
  • Keep it real, no made-for-TV moments
  • Email is slow
  • Many without TV's
  • If it's not on the internet it doesn't exist
If having a TV has become less important imagine how Gen Y must feel about radio (let alone a HD radio). In a few short years the first members of this group will be crossing into that all important 25-54 demo. We all must continue our march to be all things virtual and mobile but most critically we must provide content that provides high entertainment values.

Watch the video right here:

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Anonymous said...

"If having a TV has become less important imagine how Gen Y must feel about radio (let alone a HD radio)."

Jerry Del Colliano, professor of music industry at USC, confirms how Gen Y feels about HD Radio:

"Can Sony Make HD Radio A Winner?"

"So, the old consumers don't want HD. Young consumers think the concept is laughable. Big retailers can't sell it. And radio companies won't invest in it. Sounds like a winner to me."