Wednesday, April 9, 2008


That's the name of another music on demand program.

Just type in your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. Customize your cool retro cassette face (I choose TDK, but pick BASF, Maxell or any number of others). Type in the title of your mix, save your playlist and you are ready to link and/or play your playlist right there. See my link and listen to my playlist at the end of this post.

I chose top-40 songs for my playlist, but they seem to have a huge library from Elvis to Led Zep to George Benson to Sinatra. Just for kicks I typed in the Bay City Rollers, Abba, and even Ripple from the Dead--all there. Listen here: My MixWit Playlist

P.S. While searching around I found some interesting audio on the site including a JAM Jingle demo. Excellent, I am a jingle freak! So, I start the audio and my next friend Leigh Jacobs (former Philly PD and current Critical Mass Media research expert) introducing his new Magic 103 jingle package! Take a listen. JAM Jingles w/Leigh Jacobs intro!

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