Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WiFi Everywhere....well not everywhere

As the predictions proliferate about WiFi everywhere, the folks in the city of brotherly love have been jilted by Earthlink. Users of the citywide wireless system in Philadelphia have been given 30 day notice that the system will not only be shut down but dismantled.

This from engadget:

We knew it was coming, but Philadelphia's citywide WiFi is now officially being turned off, and Earthlink is planning on pulling down all of its access points. Like basically every other municipal WiFi project, it seems like the cost of keeping the system going outweighed the benefits, and Earthlink couldn't find a buyer willing to take things over. Current Earthlink customers will get 30 more days of service, until June 12, and then it's lights bytes out. Here's hoping Philly coffee shops are ready for an influx of urban warriors. [Via Philebrity, thanks Andy R.]
One has to wonder if the economics of operating these citywide systems will slow the "wireless everywhere" train? I suspect bumps in the road like this will lead to the development of a better and more economically sustainable system.

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