Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 Lessons of Innovation

"Innovation" a word that gets thrown around a lot in the radio business; usually in the context of we need a lot more of it. How do we get to this innovation we all speak of?

How can we push forward aggressive innovation in an industry that values the tried and true? How can we aggressively develop new formats in an industry that always asks the question when speaking of these new formats, "where else is it being done?" How can innovation take place in an industry that likes to categorize and compartmentalize nearly everything?

It's not easy. Let's start with courage, fearlessness, tenacity, and skin thick enough to accept lots of skepticism and the inevitable failure of many, if not most, new and untried ideas and formats. This innovation thing is not for everyone.

I came across a slide show by Idris Mootee, Author, Speaker and New Venture Strategy Advisor from Blast Radius Inc., that offers 10 solid lessons on innovation. There are some very good points to be gleaned from the presentation. My favorite lesson is one that fits our business so well:

#5 Innovation occurs at the intersection of previously unconnected and unrelated planes of thought

Check out the entire slide show and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. What will ultimately save radio is the courage to look outside the industry for new ideas and new perspectives. The word "innovation" is just as much about introducing new ideas and not so much coming up with new ideas from scratch. Those new ideas need to be "brought in" from somewhere other than radio.