Saturday, June 21, 2008

See Ya @ the Conclave!

The always excellent Conclave gets underway this coming week here in Minneapolis. I am looking forward to seeing some friends and making some new ones. Hope to see you here!

This year I will be a faculty member...

Saturday June 28th 3:30P THE FORMATICS TRACK: The P&P Of Today’s Rock Radio. Presented by R&R and BitXChange Prep Service (St. Croix 1, 6th Fl)

No matter which form of rock radio you program, you’ll see and hear tangible examples you can take back to your market and improve the sound of your station. Product and Platforms are the two areas that impact every radio station -no matter the format. Attendees will hear multiple suggestions on finding & developing new talent, as well as retraining talent to work with today’s tools in order to help your PRODUCT stand out. Attendees will also see and hear how to utilize multiple PLATFORMS that can make a radio station more than a transmitter and tower. Facilitator: Mike Boyle, Rock editor-R&R. Faculty: Harve Alan (Harve Alan Consulting), Jeff Murphy (DeMers Consulting) and Steve Young (Jones Radio Networks).

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