Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Do you truly understanding how social media can really help over-the-air RADIO?

Old school thinking suggests that sending people away from your "main" product is a bad thing. Remember we used to tell listeners to, "lock it in and rip the knob off". Today we know enriching peoples experiences with related experiences--podcasts, video, enhanced features ONLY bring them back to the main channel for MORE. Just ask NBC as it relates to their multi-platform Olympic coverage.

I think 2008 has been the year in which radio folks have finally begun to get it--some anyway. At least we as an industry are starting to talk a good, errr, better game. And that's a start. Some might say it's too've heard about Pandora, right? I don't think it's too late. That's the beauty of the time we are living in. Today's internet is not going to look like tomorrows internet. So we still have time to develop a vision for radio for tomorrow. A radio industry that is a two-way street of entertainment and information. This version of radio will be new and will know no generational boundaries. How's that for a Utopian dream?

With that dream in mind and my quest to occasionally use this blog as a learning tool I want to share with you a presentation I ran across this weekend.

Radio today:
Radio from now on:
Something positive to build on:

And now, the full's a little in your face...but spot on...filled with good information...and a quick and informative read.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Harve, for providing such interesting and compelling content on your blog. You GET it. But you already know that.