Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's All About Tribes

Seth Godin's new book TRIBES is out and as usual he is thought provoking and has wrote a must read book for those of us who are charged with attracting an audience or helping those looking to attract customers.

What's this book all about? Mr. Godin has posted a full (and lengthy) presentation explaining why people (listeners) are looking for leaders and will seek out tribes they can be a part of and feel good about.

Take a little time and see what he has to say.
Full notes are provided with this presentation. I would suggest you click this in the viewer. It will take you to the slideshare site where the notes are visible.
Seth Godin on Tribes
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Bruce Barber said...


Just picked up my copy of "Tribes", and it ROCKS!

Seth Godin is a genius...

HARVE ALAN said...

Bruce!! Nice to see you here.