Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lots To Be Thankful For...Really

Doom and gloom in the radio industry is off the charts right now. The health of our industry for 2009 and maybe even 2010 is in question.

Layoffs and centralization are the current buzz words. Surely not what any of us would like to be buzzing about.

Last week I read a story from Variety stating, among other things, that the old line TV networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC are considering shortening prime time from 3 hours to 2 and returning the other hour back to the local stations to save on costs. That's a possible 33% reduction in prime time product. Wow!

Everything around us appears not to be like it used to be. Change is inevitable and man-oh-man are we changing. For most people change is hard, cruel, and many times devastating--especially for those who get caught in the storm.

At times like these there are three words that come to mind as we all try to navigate the heavy seas.
  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • Perseverance
Whether you are on the inside or the outside right now please take those words to heart. Put those words in any order that works for you. Put the words next to each other if that works better.

Whatever position you hold, have held, or want to hold now is the time to embrace the notion that it is up to us to create the next story line for radio.

It's out there just waiting to get on the air.

As we approach Thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things. Family, friends, and for the career that has been so good to me for so many years. 2008 marked 30 years since I first sat behind the microphone at WPOB-FM Plainview, NY--the high school radio station where I learned for sure that this was the business for me. I am no less enthusiastic about broadcasting (that includes web and mobile, BTW) today.

I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving!

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