Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Have An Appointment?

Appointment listening is built into talk radio and presumably big morning shows have their fair share. What about music-centric dayparts and radio stations?

Now more than ever, with more stations making the choice to minimize the presence of personalities or forgo air talent altogether, what are you airing worthy of someone remembering to tune you in?

Inside Radio reported this morning:

More consumers pick silence.
The Consumer Electronics Association’s annual study of audio consumption finds that 13% of respondents aren’t listening to any form of audio entertainment these days, up from 4% a year ago and 2% in 2005. Consultant Sean Wargo says “It’s harder for consumers to decide where to allocate their time, so in some cases they’re just turning off the sound.”

In-car listening is down the most.
Blame the cell phone and fewer miles logged, but the number of consumers who listen to any form of audio while behind the wheel continues to drop. The CEA’s annual survey finds 83% listened to the radio, a CD or MP3. That’s down from 92% three years ago.

The new Britney, Kings of Leon, or classic Zep might be enough for some in the near term but I do not believe it will be enough for too much longer. What we program today will leave lasting impressions or is it lack of impressions.

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