Thursday, January 29, 2009

Traditional Media Stabilizing?

This morning eMarketer published a survey illustrating media usage among U.S. internet users. Traditional media appears to have stabilized and even grown some while on-line continues to show impressive growth. You can read the entire article here.

Note the growth of social networking. Think your adult targeted radio station can't benefit from mass appeal social networking sites like Facebook? I believe that thinking is grossly underestimating how these FREE tools can aid in connecting with listeners.

Likewise, blogs are growing at an equally impressive rate.

And lastly, let me point out one other tool that most people have yet to discover but I believe holds great promise--RSS. Almost any content you make available on line can be made available via "really simple syndication" or RSS. RSS can be added to and seen in home pages such as Yahoo! and also in RSS readers like the one I use, Attensa. Yet another easy way to distribute things like station videos or morning show podcasts.

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