Thursday, February 26, 2009

Facebook Figured Out Who Is Boss

The USERS (for us radio folks substitute LISTENERS) of course!

This appeared at the top of my FACEBOOK page today:

Now I know Facebook got smacked around pretty good after changing their content policies and had to do something. But very quickly they figured out that the rules that govern the use of the site could easily become their undoing and they swiftly took action to remedy the problem.

The users reacted, the media reported, and people in droves stated using their iPod and listening to Pandora more. Oooops....I mixed two stories get I will leave the "mistake" intact.

You can read Facebook's blog about what they are doing here.

Whether, in the end, Facebook policy is truly influenced by the users remain to be seen. At least for now they are paying some needed lip service to their BEST customers. They don't want to find out what happens if they cross them.

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