Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traffic Is Heavy

Internet traffic that is. eMarketer provides these data.

The latest statistics released by the Pew Institute illustrates that the internet has not just reached critical mass with the youngest among us, but with older Americans too. And still growing.

US Internet Users, by Age, 2005 & 2008 (% of respondents in each group)

No matter ones age, using the internet today is almost unavoidable. So it makes sense that 27% of those over 75 are on line.

Nielsen Online contributed these stats:

Average Web Usage Among US Active Internet Users, by Age, November 2008

Is there any other medium that averages such high daily use levels? Between home and work use of the internet, for many people, is the epicenter of people lives. I can't think of any other tool, appliance, or entertainment device that commands such use.

Stats like this should be a strong reminder to everyone in radio just how important your digital strategy is. It needs to be deeper than a home page and a stream--rich content that enables interactivity, entertains, and informs is a must.

Are we there yet? I would say yes and no depending on the station or company one is talking about. Where does your station stand?

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