Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another 590 Gone

My sympathies go out to everyone who was impacted by today's purge.

If you are in the radio business, chances are you know how it feels to get fired. It's happened to nearly all of us--sometimes it's a relief, many times you knew it was coming, and other times it's a complete and utter shock. No matter what the circumstances, getting fired stirs up a wide range of emotions. Over the days and weeks following one's dismissal emotions will shift and change. In many ways being fired mirrors how we deal with death--shock, denial, anger, depression, and eventually acceptance. It's not a fun time, no matter how hard we try to stay strong.

In the old days (not exactly sure when the old days ended) there were other stations and other markets to go to. If you had some talent, chances are you and your U-Haul would find a new radio home. Today, not so fast. Is this it? Are you done with the industry? Do you carry on and set out to find that next radio assignment? This is a tough question in an industry that has been contracting for years now and by the look of things not likely to expand anytime soon--if ever.

I've been through firings--all sides of it. As someone who has been fired, someone who's had to fire people, and someone who has helped people cope with being fired I would like to offer anyone who finds themselves on the outside an ear--mine. If you are interested in a little free career counseling send me an email to this address only: harvealanmedia@gmail.com and I would be happy to set up a call with you.

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