Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting Experiment

CBS is trying out Jelli at KITS in San Francisco. A system that turns over the controls of the radio station to listeners via social networked web voting. It should be an interesting listen.

Lot's of unknowns thus universe, how many votes cause change, how much impact can one person have on what makes it on the air. And, in reality, is this experiment too much work for the average radio listener?

I'm not dissing this experiment by any means. Give it a whirl and see how it goes.

I do question how this plays out for a radio station, like all radio stations, that depend on ratings to drive revenue. Is this uber customization process an attraction or a repelant on a mass medium platform? It all depends on the end product. Just like in the past with contesting, we knew that most people would not participate so the goal was to create something entertaining enough to cause vicarious participation among our passive listeners. Time will tell if Jelli can accomplish this goal.

I also wonder if Jelli on the air would benefit from a "social director" hosting the live radio show for those who are not able or choose not to participate. One has to assume that many listeners have come to the station to be entertained, so adding someone who helps put on the show--not make the decisions on what gets played but keeps things cohesive-- might end up being a good idea.

Regardless of the end result, kudos to KITS and CBS Radio for trying something new.

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