Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rush Limbaugh

This past weekend Rush was given the Freedom of Speech award at Talker's Magazine's New Media Conference in New York. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the conference and was hoping the speech would find its way on-line--which it has on Newsmax.

Rush tends to evoke quite a bit of reaction whether you like him or despise him--whether you think he is brilliant or a blowhard. Way back in 1990, just two years after Rush went national, I engaged him to be on WAKR in Akron (I was PD/OM)even though 3WE (WTAM now)was right up the road in Cleveland and could be easily heard. WAKR was transitioning to News/Talk and I wanted his signature sound to be a part of that transition. It worked out great--except for some elderly folks who were unclear what had just hit them. It wasn't long before Noon to 3 was nearly as strong as the stations long time double digit morning news show. Wow!

Rush is a RADIO GUY. Period. He loves the art of broadcasting and has contributed a great deal to our industry for all these years. Check out his speech right here.

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