Friday, July 10, 2009

What Does Jay Leno's Garage Have To Do With Radio?

Have you ever checked out Jay Leno's car-crazy website Jay Leno's Garage? As you may know his "garage" is really a hangar-sized warehouse filled with all his cars and motorcycles--both classic and new cars. It's an amazing collection. A big part of the site is the videos he produces showcasing one of these cars every week.

The video below is Jay talking about and driving the new Chevy Camaro. It's very interesting to take a video tour of this car--its a cool ride. Jay made a point to talk about how improved these cars are from the GM cars of the 80's and 90's. He also pointed out that in the past when he had visited GM, Chrysler, and Ford in Detroit the companies would roll out the salespeople and accountant types; but this time he was met by the engineers. Imagine that, allowing the creative people to take center stage and do what they do best. Imagine if we did the same thing in the radio business. Well said Jay.

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