Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tragically Funny!!

Many in our business talk about innovation and how we must develop new "this or that." The creative folks are told to come up with a plan and then present the plan to the "brain trust"...so far so good, right...things are going so well...and then it happens. (insert screeching brake SFX here).

That brings us to the Fake Innovator's Dilemma--take a look and tell me this wasn't written with radio in mind.

New means new, innovation by it's very nature means untried, and the radio business could use a lot more of it. I'll leave you with this question today: do we have the guts to come up with "new" and then actually do it? Your comments are always welcome.


Daniel said...

Hey, nice to see that you liked (and linked) this presentation. It was my first one in English and it's on the Slideshare contest.

Unfortunately, this is happening a lot with my clients in Brazil but apparently it is a World wide problem.

Thank you again

HARVE ALAN said...

You are welcome! And yes, it IS a worldwide problem!!

Drake said...

No one in charge is willing to try anything truly new. God forbid, sales, ratings or stock prices would go down. But let's face it, at this point there's no where to go but 'up'. But can lead us there? The question isn't "where are the new ideas" but "where are the leaders?"