Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shared Experience

So much of what is talked about in the radio business today is DIGITAL.  And rightly so.  We've all heard it a millions times, "it's a digital world".  How are we going to thrive in this universally agreed upon digital world?  It's not going to be because of a great app or podcasts or even social media.  Sure, those things and countless others are now the tools of the trade--required!

So, what's gonna do it?

Shared Experience.

Become a part of the conversation.  Start a conversation.  Connect.  Listen.  Argue.  Respect.  Debate.  Commiserate. Laugh. Cry. Be a star.  Create a star.  Discover.

Every format from AC to Talk has it's own set of parameters, but every format must be more than a megaphone.  This two-way street works well when your listeners are enriched by your content and you, the radio station, are enlightened by your listeners.

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