Monday, March 1, 2010

The World In Your Pocket

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center a quarter of American adults now read news on their cell phones. 

Some highlights of the report:
  • 26 percent of Americans get news on their phones. 
  • 43 percent of those under 50 said they are mobile news consumers
  • 15 percent of older respondents.

37 percent of cell phone owners said they use the Internet on their phone
Within that group:
  • 72 percent said they check weather reports. 
  • 68 percent said they check current events 
 What information do you make available on your mobile app? 

There's quite of bit of information to digest with this study.  See the synopsis from Pew right here


Dave Williams said...

I just read this post on my Droid!

Dave (Metro Networks L.A.)

Burkey said...

That's really interesting. Now consider that since December of 2009 Google has apparently (along with numerous other sites) been tailoring our search results based on previous searches and computer activity of ours that has been tracked on personal devices over thee course of years of daily computer use.

I'm reading a book by Eli Pariser about how what comes up on your google searches or news feeds isn't what comes up on mine, necessarily---even if we seem to have similar interests or points of view. Every person's algorhythm is unique and returns different results when we search.
Try it on computers in other places or on devices that other people used.