Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Target Moms and Make Money

EMarketer reports that approximately 35 million moms are on-line and they are inquiring about and recommending products and services relating to their lives.

They go on to say:

Moms regularly engage in parenting-related activities online, but they are also involved in other online activities such as search, entertainment and shopping.

In fact, moms rely on the Internet for purchase decisions. Upwards of two-thirds of online moms of young children research products online, so it is critical for marketers and retailers to understand the role of the Internet in their purchase decisions.

What a great opportunity for RADIO.

You are looking for great content for your website.
Your listeners are looking for information and community.
Your advertisers are looking for more customers and ROI.

Here's one sample idea that could be successful, enjoyable, and profitable for everyone:
  • Engage a local hospital or medical group to provide an expert to participate in an exclusive radio station webinar--a live on-line meeting that can be audio, video, text or all of the above.
  • Invite listeners to your website to join in. A simple email address is all that is needed to "log in."
  • Your listeners are active participants asking questions and sharing their own experiences.
  • After the webinar your listeners can now be connected via your "mom's" page and on-line community at YOUR website--sharing their experiences and being active with the radio station and it's advertisers. Provide a positive experience and these moms will tell other moms and your community gets built out from there.
  • For your advertisers you now have a active multi-platform experience to sell. On-air and on-line with targeted prospects.
  • Remember, the webinar is not a one time only event. Make that webinar available on demand on your site and the site of your clients. Let moms (and everyone) download the webinar and share it with their friends. Host more webinars and your mom network will continue to grow.
There are so many ideas, many relatively simple, that can be impactfull and vital to reaching your listeners and advertisers.

Got an comment or idea? Feel free to share it here.

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