Wednesday, August 6, 2008

X and Y Tech Differences Simplified

It's not as if X'ers are not into technology but as Charles Golvin, principal analyst at Forrester Research explained in Business Week magazine, "the key distinction between Generation X and Y is that Generation X uses technology when it supports a "lifestyle need" whereas tech is "embedded into everything Gen Yers do" making them the first "native online population".

Among Millennials there is a strong chance that tech usage will continue to edge higher given the DNA of the group. Here are a few current stats:
  • More than 80%: mobile phone usage
  • Online time: more hours than it spends watching TV
  • Text messaging: 72% by mobile phone owners
  • About 20% access the mobile Internet at least monthly

Forrester Research's Golvin also said "Generation Y is the audience companies are most struggling to understand—a key issue due to their importance for future revenue growth". Clearly a huge challenge facing all industries, not just radio and media.

Let me suggest that applying shades of gray changes to how we program our content--on-air, on-line, and mobile will most likely not yield the results we are hoping for. Simply transferring the same old-same old to mobile apps will not only disappoint the end users but will disappoint those who care about the revenue figures.

The hit's will still be the hits. How they are presented is what needs to change. It is my opinion that we as an industry need to lose the "more music-less talk" mantra. If we have any hope of capturing the hearts and minds of Millennials we are going to have to employ people who can effectively TALK with and to this very influential group.

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