Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gen C?

Gen C? Yup. The C stands from CREATORS. The age of Gen C? Get up to age 35. 35? Yup. Unlike Gen Y, this classification is not about birth year. It's about belief system, behavior, lifestyle, and activities.

Here in January 2009 we edge closer to a generation gap like no other in history. The connected and unconnected. Sure there are 50, 60 and 70 year old tech consumers, but the skills and interest have been learned. Gen C comes with connectivity as standard equipment, not as an user installed option.

If the Gen C thesis holds up (and I think it does), radio's desire for 25-34 demos is now officially in peril. Last year I wrote about how with each passing year Millennials move closer and closer to the demos radio cares about. With the Gen C concept we are already there. Talking with, connecting to, and being relevant with this important group requires different strategies and mindset.

I was introduced to the Gen C concept through these two presentations. Take a look and consider the probable impact on your station(s) if the author has gotten it right.

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