Thursday, January 8, 2009

Virtual Sound Generation

Plug it in to the headphone jack of your mobile it on any surface...turn that surface into a plat panel speaker. The company is touting this product as a way to maintain portability while at the same time getting the ear buds out of your ears. For bikers (motorized and otherwise), skateboarders, and anyone else who wears a helmet for safety...this is a Tunebug that turns the entire helmet into a speaker.
More alternative ways to generate sound for nearly any audio-making device...maybe even a radio tuner.

Yes, there used to be these devices that were small and could go anywhere and had a speaker built in...they called them portable radios. Of course, that time has passed.

Frankly, all most 18 year-olds know about AM radio is that they might have to turn it on if they want to hear a baseball game. And FM, well, this is not the post to rehash some of those issues. Suffice to say, if radio offers content that would be of interest to younger demographics, these mobile speaker innovations could be of interest.

It's hard to know whether there is a market for this type of device in the mass market or niche market for that matter. It is kinda cool that you could turn a helmet, coffee table, or desk into a speaker. If it does catch on you can bet that those who use it will be no less discriminating about what they listen to.

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