Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updated The Look And A ???

Thought it was time to give the blog a fresh coat of paint. Changed out the colors and hopefully made it even easier to read. What do you think?

While I have you...with so much happening (much of it bad) in our industry I thought this would be a good time to throw out a question:

What worries you most about the future of over the air broadcast radio?

As always, if you would like to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine.

The three top things that concern me. [in no particular order]
  • What is the future for music radio?
  • Where will tomorrow's new talent come from?
  • Will radio's financial health improve?
I hope to hear from you.

Thanks for checking out the blog!!

1 comment:

It Said said...

The future for music radio?

Clear Channel is setting that standard..use syndication in every daypart, with liners and other content created for each market..even the smallest groups will notice the cost savings and adopt the same game plan..

Whatever "new talent" is needed will be those who will soon realize that they will never be on the air, despite what they were told at whatever broadcast school they were given a certificate from..translation..there will be no need for "new air talent" can recycle anyone from the entertainment world who wants to make a few dollars, give them a script, and somebody else cuts it up and distributes it..see how simple?

Will radio's "financial health" improve?

Define "financial health"..

Many of those who are now at Penny Stock Status..Radio One, Citadel, Cumulus..and those who were mere wannabes..NextMedia, GoodRadio, and others..will simply disappear..along with the next two years..

Adam Carolla already understands does Rush Limbaugh..if Limbaugh lost all 600 stations tomorrow..he still has me and millions of others who will either pay to listen to him, or knows of advertisers who will support the content via banner ads..

You'll have a few stations left in major and small markets..but they too will wither away and die as their audience ages and is not repleaced..

I've worked in broadcasting since 1977 and own two I-Pods..what do I need radio for, exactly..if severe weather hits, I have a web enabled cell phone..if news breaks, I have TV or the internet..