Friday, April 24, 2009

The Friday Follies

Today, a few different topics.
  • Seems like Twitter has been a hot topic here and it has. Hey, if its good enough for Oprah... Wired has a good article on how to discover and share music on Twitter. If you play new music on your station, I see a couple good reasons to use Twitter as a new music tool. 1-Tweet your new music discoveries (new and potential future adds) to your followers. 2-Search your followers for the music they are hyping. Community baby! Check out the article here.
  • 4G/WiMax will be a game-changer and forever change the mobile connectivity playing field. In a few places it's already here. We've written about this before, but here's a video taking you inside Intel and their WiMax work.
  • Even Clear Channel owned INSIDE RADIO has to admit that HD Radio is in [big, big]
    trouble: HD Radio awareness stagnates.

    Even though millions of dollars have been spent promoting HD Radio, less than one-third of Americans are aware of what it is. A new study concludes 29% of consumers say they’re familiar with HD Radio. The rate's grown little over the last three years

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Anonymous said...

With HD Radio in such trouble (big surprise), how long will broadcasters keep their IBOC exciters on, jamming our airways, especially on AM? Some stations are already turning off HD for power reasons, and that it simply doesn't work, with no consumer interest.