Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Heart Oprah

Or at least they should. In an age of on-demand, you tube, and self directed content Oprah moves the needle like few others could. To follow up on my recent Oprah debuts on Twitter post--courtesy of Mediabistro-Webnewser.
Oprah Winfrey posted her first Tweet last Friday during her show. US Internet visits to twitter.com increased 24% on that day. And when compared to visits from the previous Friday, the site was up 43%. The following chart, with data from Hitwise, shows daily visits to twitter.com from January 1 - April 18.
Hitwise Clickstream data reveals that on April 17, 37% of visits to Twitter.com were new visitors (as opposed to returning). Additionally, the search term "oprah twitter" was the 35th highest search term with the word "twitter" and the 7th with "oprah" last week. Considering that Hitwise data is weekly and that the show only aired last Friday, this is pretty impressive.

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