Sunday, May 17, 2009

Creative Purpose

By the time some, if not most of you read this, you will already be at work plugging away at doing whatever you happen to do every day. Some of you might even be enjoying what you do. We can only hope.

Maybe today will be the day you get to do something extra fun, or maybe something different from other days. Maybe today your creative side will have a chance to emerge from the normal grind. Whatever you do today, if only for yourself, think about new creative ways to program, announce, sell, or produce. Give it a shot.

I thought I would share with you this video of MIT graduate, David Merrill. Now, his work life is centered around being creative. Among other things, he and his team have created these little cubes that are all interactive computing devices. They interact with each other [and the user] and can morph into whatever the programmer imagines them to be.

Nothing about radio here. Or is there? Enjoy.

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