Monday, August 3, 2009

No More Radio (Shack)

Looks like the folks at Radio Shack are gearing up for a pretty big change. Could it be? After all these years the word "radio" appears like it might soon be gone for good at those electronic stores down the street at the strip mall. Hard to blame them for wanting to change their name given the fact that these days most people don't buy radios anymore (except for devices that come with them). I bet you still will be able to go there and buy capacitors and diodes-(shhhh, don't tell anyone). Talk about geeky! Not exactly 21st century cool.

Remember the old catalogs that among other things featured stereo systems that showed you the good system, followed by the "better", then "best" system? They tried so hard to be taken seriously in the stereo receiver and speaker world--never happened.

So what are they going to be called? [Not sure this is cool either] The Shack. Oh well.

And just like radio stations, The Shack apparently is not immune to goofy promotion ideas. To kick off their new name they are going to have bands play (no names mentioned) and have contests at free events in New York and San Francisco called the Summer Netogether far, so good. But wait!!! Get this...they are going to stream the events 3000 miles across the country (ooooh) on 14 foot tall laptops. Their words. Wow! Someone should tell them that streaming events and very large screens are commonplace today and this will excite NO ONE.
There you have it. No more Radio Shack. An uncool new name and a lame kick off promotion. Same great diodes! Best of luck with that.

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