Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seeing Red And It's Good!

Seeing red doesn't usually evoke thoughts of anything good except if Red is a radio station--a radio station that just received it's Spring 09 Arbitron ratings.

I want to congratulate my client, Opus Broadcasting's Red 104.3 (KEZP) in Alexandria, LA for a job well done and another stellar ratings performance!

Usually I don't blog about ratings--generally, it's not what this blog is all about. However, in this case I have made an exception. Why? Three reasons:
  • Red is a station that successfully programs Alternative Rock at a time when the format has experienced its fair share of difficulties.
  • Red is an Alternative station that is not dependent on its gold library. We are 70% current/recurrent!
  • Red/KEZP management had the guts one year ago to launch a radio station that most management teams wouldn't have the guts to even think about, let alone do it.
Let me share the numbers with you.

As a reader of this blog you know I do not make it a practice to turn my posts into bold-faced pitches for my services. For today, I am doing just that. I designed, built, and implemented this format on behalf of my client. Now, one year later and two rating periods under our belt there is a great story to tell and I am proud to tell it.

If you have an under-performing station and are thinking about a change give me a call [952.401.9067], send me an email [harve@harvealan.com] and let's talk about how Red could work for you.

Happy 1st anniversary Red 104.3!!


Phil said...

Congratulations my friend! Your work on Red is amazing. The stations sounds great, is very local and isn't afraid to court younger demos. Rock on!

And don't worry about making hte pitch here. I think you should make the pitch more often. That's the only way anyone will swing the bat. And radio needs to swing the bat!

HARVE ALAN said...

Thank You!!