Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tell Me A Story

I'm watching CBS's 60 Minutes tribute to its long time producer Don Hewitt. For 36 of the show's 41 years this guy was the mastermind and the ball-buster (said in the most respectful of ways) that created a wildly successful show--that's still going strong. What was the secret of Hewitt's success? Why do people still watch 60 Minutes today?


Whether it's an old stalwart like TV's 60 Minutes or a successful radio show or our use of Facebook we are all telling stories--or should be. "Tell me a story" was Don Hewitt's mantra. Clearly the stories were good. Clearly the stories were interesting. Clearly the art of storytelling captured an audience.

If you have young children you know that from a very early age kids crave stories. I can't count how many I've told my own kids. My twin boys are almost 8 and they still request my tall tales.

So let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time in a land called the stations used to tell a lot more stories.

Think about it.

You can check out 60 Minutes story and tribute to Don Hewitt here.

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